Data you can shape,
visuals you can share.

A generative intelligence workflow for curating data, conducting analysis and sharing insights with user friendly interactions and quality narratives.

Data insights built with easy-to-use features that reduce your time data wrangling and improve data storytelling.

The functions available in this product family work together to create a high-quality data studio from any department in your organization.
Generate mock data sets

Create usable data sets from scratch to start a view, or select a column to randomize or anonymize date.

Pipeline live data

Aggregate your data from across platforms with our API handing to bring actionable insights into one place.

Create visuals quickly

The are multiple starting point when creating data views, and we have the user-friendly way to rapidly build them.

Apply your branding

Easily upload a branded document so we can create a library for you and apply to your data view.

AI generation + analysis

AI is leveraged to find and generate data to create views, as well as perform analysis and predictions.

Collaborate with your team

Live collaboration allows team members to shape data and build views together, share the view or export.

KNOwing your modes

A better way to communicate insights

We offer efficient ways create data views that deliver a narrative to teams.

A simple workflow that
delivers legible data.

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